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Athlete Event Time/Distance Place

West Texas State University Indoor Track Meet, 1/19
WTSU Activities Center, Canyon, Texas
Non-scoring meet

Greg Brogdon 60y 6.3h  
Leonard Jarvis 60y 6.3h  
Carnell Austin 60y 6.4h  
Greg Brogdon 300y 32.5h (final)
32.5h (Prelim)
Archie Moore 300y 32.5h (Prelim)  
Floyd Barry 300y 33.9h  
Thomas Braxton 440y 51.2h (final)
51.3h (Prelim)
Greg Rolle 440y 51.7h (Prelim)  
Clay Daniels 600y 1:17.6h  
Carnell Austin 60y I-hurdles 7.2h  
Dean Crowell 60y I-hurdles 7.2h  
Paul Alexander 60y I-hurdles 7.3h  
David Wood 60y I-hurdles 7.4h  
Paul Alexander 60y hurdles 7.6h  
David Wood 60y hurdles 7.6h  
Keith Alexander 60y hurdles 7.8h  

17th annual Lubbock Christian College Indoor Track Meet, 1/27
LCC Fieldhouse, Lubbock, Texas
Non-scoring meet

Randy Middleton 60y 6.45 7th
Andrew Luna 60y 6.51 10th (tie)
Roger Baggerman 440y 50.65 3rd
Clay Daniels 440y 53.29 10th
Mike Oliver 440y 53.37 13th
Andy Voss 440y 53.64 14th
James Mays 600y 1:14.66 3rd
Robert Lepard 600y 1:15.41 4th
Johnny Navarro 600y 1:21.0h 8th
Ed Bruning 880y 2:01.34 2nd
Ray Rees 880y 2:02.7h 3rd
Randy Yates 1000y 2:21.8h 4th
Greg Lautenslager 1 mile 4:28.80 1st
Richard Postma 1 mile 4:44.3h 4th
Ricky McCormick 2 miles 9:55.02 3rd
Robert Wilson 3 miles 15:34.0h$ 1st
Tony Lozano 3 miles 15:39.92 2nd
Dean Crowell 60y hurdles 7.73 5th
Duncan Thompson 60y hurdles 7.90 7th
Keith Alexander 60y hurdles 7.93 8th
Paul Alexander 60y hurdles 8.25 11th
Randy Hughes 60y hurdles 8.60 13th
Howard Loftis Pole Vault 14'-0" (4.27m) 3rd
David Thompson Pole Vault 13'-6" (4.11m) 5th
David Wood Shot Put 40'-11" (12.47m) 10th
Thompson, Bradford,
Elder, Luna
4x220y 1:37.22 3rd
Middleton, Flagg,
Martin, Hughes
4x220y 1:39.3h 4th
Baggerman, Daniels,
Oliver, Voss
Mile relay 3:30.4h 4th
Elder, Crowell,
K. Alexander, Martin
Mile relay 3:36.75 5th
Yates, Lepard,
Mays, Lautenslager
2 mile relay 8:29.60 3rd

West Texas State - Texas Tech - Wayland Baptist Triangular, 2/2
WTSU Activities Center, Canyon, Texas
2nd of 3, 58.5 points

Cody Bradford 60y 6.17$ (final)
6.28 (Prelim)
4th (final)
Randy Middleton 60y 6.43 (Prelim)  
Ken Elder 300y 31.90 3rd
Mike Oliver 300y 31.90 4th
Randy Middleton 300y 33.99 6th
Mike Oliver 440y 50.34 2nd
Brent Tidwell 440y 52.48 6th
James Mays 600y 1:10.71 1st
Randy Yates 600y 1:13.64 3rd
Robert Lepard 880y 1:54.96$ 2nd
Ed Bruning 1000y 2:16.92 1st
Ray Rees 1000y 2:18.61 2nd
Greg Lautenslager 1 mile 4:13.65 1st
Marc Johnson 1 mile 4:22.99 3rd
Robert Wilson 2 miles 9:20.33 2nd
Marc Johnson 2 miles 9:29.36 4th
Dean Crowell 60y I-hurdles 7.12 (final)
7.08$ (Prelim)
3rd (final)
Duncan Thompson 60y I-hurdles 7.30 (final)
7.19 (Prelim)
4th (final)
David Wood 60y I-hurdles 7.53 (Prelim)  
Dean Crowell 60y hurdles 7.40 (final)
7.42 (Prelim)
5th (final)
David Wood 60y hurdles 7.78 (Prelim)  
Keith Alexander 60y hurdles 7.80 (Prelim)  
Nick Pirkle High Jump 6'-6" (1.98m) 3rd (tie)
Howard Loftis Pole Vault 14'-6" (4.42m) 2nd
David Thompson Pole Vault 14'-0" (4.27m) 3rd
Andrew Luna Long Jump 22'-8.25" (6.92m) 1st
Andrew Luna Triple Jump 46'-10" (14.27m)$ 1st
Tidwell, Baggerman,
Mays, Lepard
Mile relay 3:20.84 2nd

Oklahoma Track Classic, 2/10
Myriad Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (176y)
Non-scoring meet

James Mays 600y 1:12.93 (final)
1:11.8h (Prelim)
4th (final)
Robert Lepard 880y 1:57.66 (final)
1:56.7h (Prelim)
4th (final)
Ed Bruning 880y 1:58.9h (Prelim)  
Randy Yates 1000y 2:15.9h (Prelim)  
Ray Rees 1000y 2:19.4h (Prelim)  
Ricky McCormick 1 mile 4:17.8h (Prelim)  
Robert Wilson 1 mile 4:35.1h (Prelim)  
Marc Johnson 2 miles 9:17.0h  
Yates, Bruning,
Lautenslager, McCormick
2 mile relay 8:06.1h 6th
Lautenslager, McCormick,
Yates, Baggerman
Distance medley 10:33.38  

6th annual Southwest Conference Indoor Track and Field Championship, 2/16
Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas (176y banked)

James Mays 776y* 1:39.69$ 1st
Robert Lepard 880y 1:56.10 (final)
1:56.0h (Prelim)
5th (final)
Ricky McCormick 1 mile 4:14.84 4th
Marc Johnson 3 miles 14:01.0h$ 7th
Nick Pirkle High Jump 6'-8" (2.03m)  
David Thompson Pole Vault 14'-6" (4.42m)  
Dean Crowell Long Jump 20'-6" (6.25m)  

* = extra lap was run in 600 yard race
$ = Set new school record


Athlete Event Time/Distance Place

West Texas State University Indoor Invitational, 2/19

Pam Montgomery 60y 6.83$  
Falecia Freeman 60y 6.91  
  200m 25.45$  
  200m 25.87  
Jacque Poth 200m 27.00  
Dora Bentancourt 400m 58.64$  
Judy Butler 400m 1:01.68  
Maureen Lynch 400m 1:04.15  
Cyndie Bradshaw 800m 2:34.17$  
Debra Dixon 800m 2:46.80  
Kelly Carse 1500m 5:47.57$  
Sue Slutz 60y hurdles 8.31$  
Dana Nichols 60y hurdles 8.52  
LoAnn Phillips 60y hurdles 8.81  
Carol Renneisen High Jump 5'-2" (1.57m)$  
  High Jump 4'-8" (1.42m)  
Sharon Moultrie Long Jump 18'-3" (5.56m)$  
  Long Jump 17'-8" (5.38m)  
Cyndi Luna Shot Put 36'-3.75" (11.07m)$  
Jennifer Purdue Shot Put 35'-5" (10.80m)  
Nichols, Bentancourt,
Phillips, Judy Butler
Mile relay 4:06.56$  
Gomez, Lynch,
Poth, Gilbreath
Mile relay 4:15.91  
Dixon, Pentecost,
Carse, Bradshaw
2 mile relay 10:57.16$  

$ = Set new school record

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